Rear & Side Glasses 

Side and rear windows are also part of your vehicles most important security features. Our same day service offers expert service from trained technicians, in line with manufacturers safety guidelines. We are seasoned experts at replacing side and rear glass on any make, model or age of vehicle.

What is the difference between the glass on the windscreen and the other glass windows on my vehicle?

Windscreen glass is laminated, unlike the rest of the glass on your car, which is toughened. Toughened glass is considered safety glass due to the manner in which it shatters. Laminated glass is a different kind of safety glass and is shatter-proof. You can repair a laminated glass windscreen, however when your car's side and rear toughened glass is damaged, it must be replaced.

Sturdy, Safe and Certified Workmanship

Our certified fitters are trained to fit Armourplate and Shatterprufe glass professionally and efficiently, which is why our side glass replacement is reinforced by the unbreakable PAK AUTOGLASS guarantee